FOR SALE: 2000 BMW 740iL


I bought this car in August 2005 from a German fellow who had driven it for 13 months and put 39,000 highway miles on it as a salesman covering four states – hence the higher than normal mileage.  I talked to him numerous times, checked the CarFax report which confirmed the recent mileage and was good in all other respects, and made a deal on the phone for the car subject to a personal inspection.  I then went to Florida to see the car and was impressed by its mechanical and cosmetic condition. I bought the car and drove it home with no problems to Dallas, Texas happy as can be.




I purchase cars and keep them a long time.  My last daily driver was a 1979 Mercedes Benz 450sel 6.9 that I drove for over 20 years and sold earlier this year.  It sold the morning I listed it and I had two calls from Germany on it after it sold.  I am an architect and very picky about caring for my car, doing most all of the maintenance myself. 


I had purchased parts and started working on this car when a Stratus Grey/Sand 2001 740iL came up for sale.  As that color combination is the only one I prefer over Anthracite/Sand, I bought it and continued to prepare this car for sale.




The paint color is Anthracite Metallic and when I purchased it the hood had no dents but some chipped paint that would not look perfect if just touched up.  Therefore I had it stripped to the metal, primed, painted and clear-coated and at the same time painted the lower side skirts Anthracite as a 2001 model would have.  I personally block sanded, buffed out and polished the hood again after it returned from my paint man.  It looks really good and there are no door dings or defects in the rest of the car's paint. 

The amber front side markers and turn signal lenses have been replaced with white lenses.

The windshield was replaced a little over one year ago and is in excellent shape.

All 5 wheels are the $450+ each 18-inch M-wheels with Michelin Pilot Z-rated tires.  The wheels are in very good condition and the tires have about 3/16ths inch of tread-depth remaining.

Chrome, rubber bumpers, etc. are all in excellent condition.

The rear window and door glass came with a medium tint on it which I have not removed.  It is perfect except for a one-half inch by one and a half inch scratch on the driver's side rear window tint.




SEATS:  Sand leather and have been cleaned and treated with Leatherique.  They are in excellent condition.  I had the Driver's seat re-padded where the prior owner had crushed the bottom outer panel getting in and out of the car.  I replaced both plastic front seat control holders which were broken.  All seat and headrest controls work perfectly and I have made all plastic seat track covers perfect now.

CARPETS and MATS:  Excellent with no stains.  All mats have the BMW velcro holders as they should.

NAVIGATION: The car has the Mark II Navigation system and works perfectly.  I have available numbers 4,5,6 and 7 of the CD Map Discs and will include the region that the purchaser selects.  As a side note, the Navigation system drove me right home to Dallas all the way from Florida on one disc – even when I was out of the disc’s map range it still knew the major thoroughfares and took me the correct way.

DASH DISPLAYS:  All work with no missing pixels.

WOOD:  All the wood I have polished and it has no cracks nor defects and it looks wonderful.  All pop-up ashtrays and holders work perfectly except for the cupholder - it does not come out and I will not fix it as it is worthless even when working perfectly.  I have made a custom cupholder for my 2001 car even though the BMW cupholder in that car works perfectly, as it is very inadequate and does not support a cup properly. If you would like me to make one for you and your new car, that is something we can discuss.

KEYS:  I have two keys to the car.  One key operates everything as it should and the other key operates everything except it does not start the engine.  Only the transponder on the second key will be need to be programmed by BMW to allow it to start the car.

RADIO and SIX CD CHANGER:  Work perfectly.  The cassette tape player seems to be stuck in the 'Play' position and I have not fixed it as I do not use it.




I know of no outstanding mechanical problems with this car.  As I intended to keep this car for many years, I have purchased and performed the following repairs/maintenance: 

  • All power steering hoses and fluid replaced with OEM parts as I found a leak last week in them. 

  • New OEM-NGK spark plugs.

  • New oil filter and 8 quarts Castrol Synthetic-1 oil.

  • New engine air filter.

  • New cabin air filters replaced (found in the engine compartment).

All brake pads are one-half inch thick. The transmission fluid in these cars is sealed and the transmission performs and shifts perfectly. The radiator was replaced within the last 18 months.


All tickets for parts and any outside work performed will be provided to the new owner.




The HVAC system functions perfectly, with the heater blowing hot air as it should and the air conditioner blowing very cold air, cold enough to combat our Texas heat.




I think this car is in excellent condition and will provide many additional years of luxury transportation, but I wanted to be very honest about any items not in perfect condition.  They are as follows:

  1. One-half inch by one and a half inch scratch in tint on driver's side rear door window.

  2. Cupholder not working

  3. Cassette tape player not working.


VIN Number:      WBAGH8346YDP10025

Mileage:              120,320

Engine:                4.4 liter 8 cylinder, 282 horsepower, 324 lb. ft torque @ 3700 RPM

Transmission:     Automatic 5-speed with overdrive


The car is located in Dallas, Texas and is available for inspection by appointment.  I have tried to be accurate and complete in my description but if you have any further questions, feel free to email me (my email address is and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you would prefer to speak directly with me, my cell phone number is 214-893-9068.  If I am not able to take your call, please leave your name and number and I will return your call.


I am not a dealer and want the buyer of this car to be as happy with it as I have been. It is an outstanding automobile.  If the miles scare you, I assure they will not once you have a chance to see and drive the car.


Price: SOLD


Thank you for your interest   -   Hugh Rucker

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