From September 1975 to May 1980 MB produced 7,380 of these cars using the engine from the 600 and 6.3 sedans bored to 6.9 liters and placed in the W116 body of the 450SEL. Of these, 1,816 were made for the USA, with the US versions producing about 35 less horsepower and 45ft/lb less torque than the Euro version. This particular car is the Euro version.


Because of the engine’s immense low RPM torque the car's transmission only required 3 forward speeds, and the car boasts a 12 quart dry sump lubrication system and the Bosch K-jetronic continuous fuel injection system. It also used an upgraded and improved suspension system (from the air-suspension systems of the 300SEL 6.3 and 600 Limos) that features a hydro-pneumatic system of oil and nitrogen gas canisters which gives the car the ability to hug the road and not lean nor pitch.


The later models of ‘79 and ’80 sold for more than $50,000 USD and was said to be the fastest sedan in production at that time.




I bought this car January 31, 1985 with 47,000 miles on it and it has been my daily driver for over 20 years now. I purchased it from a German man who had imported it and brought it up to USA specs as it is a Euro version (with the greater horsepower and nicer Euro headlights and bumpers). It has never failed to pass the Texas vehicle emission test in 20 years.  It is in excellent condition as I am a perfectionist architect and do most of  the work on this car myself. I also own a 600 limo and am a member of the Star Club [Mercedes owners] and the M-100 Club who all own cars with M-100 engines [6.3,6.9 and 600 cars].


The car has always been garaged, never smoked in and lovingly taken care of for the last 20 years.  It is an outstanding example of this great automobile.




I have a ticket or invoice for every service, part or maintenance procedure done on the car from January, 1985, to the present. I also keep a log of all work done by category in a binder as shown in the pictures. I have most all of maintenance books and parts books used by Mercedes service facilities including microfiche of the engine service and repair procedures which are not available in book form. I will include with the car the microfiche reader I bought if you desire it along with all books and records I have.




The seats are covered in the original Wilton wool fabric that was preferred in Germany in that day and it is in good but evenly faded condition. The front seats have been covered with custom sheepskins as long as I have owned it so the wool underneath is in very good condition. There are no tears or spots worn through. Carpet is in excellent shape [no stains or fading] and it has new mats with an extra one made for the driver’s floor.  Wood is burled walnut and was professionally refinished by Drew Tibcken of Heritage Woodworks in Andrews, NC during February, 2003. It is in excellent condition and is one of the usual weak spots of older Mercedes, as the finish starts to craze and crack. The dash is in great shape with no cracks and the rear package tray I recovered with the original wool material a few years ago and it is not faded nor soiled. I replaced the original radio some years ago (as it is a piece of junk) but it will come with the car should someone want to reinstall it.




I personally stripped all chrome, lights, door handles and gaskets from the car in 1999 and had it professionally repainted (at a cost of over $4000) in the original 179 color [Anthracite Gray] with the original Gasurit brand paint from Germany. There are presently only three small defects in the paint which are shown in my photos. All other surfaces are in like-new condition with no door dings or chips. All of the chrome was cleaned, re-chromed if necessary and painted on the interior surfaces with the proper tan paint per MB specs, just as when it was new. A new front windshield was installed with a new rubber gasket at the same time and all rubber gaskets to lights, door handles and trim with gasket were replaced with new rubber. The headlights are the original Euro halogen bulb version with wipers and washers for each side. The headlight washers are presently disconnected. As previously mentioned the bumpers are the more attractive European version in excellent shape with no rust or scratches.




In September and October of 2000 I spent over $5000 in mechanical repairs while buying all of the parts wholesale and paying only $40 per hour for labor from a friend who is a technician for a local MB shop. The following is a partial list of work done: timing chain, guide rails and cam gears, new belts and all rubber hoses, new water pump, new distributor rotor and new fuel hoses. suspension bushings, center link, upper and lower control arm bushings, drag link and tensioners, center link shock, tie rod assembly and new power steering gearbox. Fuel fuel pump, filter, accumulator, fuel pressure regulator, and new fuel hoses. rear brake hoses, calipers, pads, and emergency brake shoes. Front brakes are in good shape. 




This car will stay up for a month without lowering enough to notice, and will raise and lower to the higher position as it should. The front level control valve has been replaced and all of the 5 nitrogen bottles have been replaced. There is a very slight leak at one of the o-rings on the rear leveling valve, but it does not affect anything and I would not replace it until it fails to function (that is not salesmanship - it really does not affect anything). The struts and hydraulic oil pump have also been replaced. You will love this suspension; the faster you go over a speed bump the smoother it is, it is firm in corners and brakes with little dip, and it is velvet on the road.




The HVAC system functions perfectly, with the heater blowing hot air as it should and the air conditioner blowing cold air, cold enough to combat our Texas heat. The weakness of the A/C system is the servo that controls all functions. It was originally made with a plastic body which would split and cease to function. Years ago I replaced mine with an aluminum-bodied unit that has a lifetime guarantee from George Murphy in Tennessee and it works fine. The system works perfectly with Freeze 12 which is readily available and not excessively expensive. A new A/C compressor was installed in 2000 and all the rubber vacuum elements were replaced under the dash that control the flaps of the system.




Both front and rear mufflers were replaced during 2003 and 2004 with MB spec units.




This 1979 450SEL 6.9 is one of the finest examples you will find available for sale, and it will give the new owner years of faithful service.  This is the Euro version 6.9 that has quite a few more horsepower than the US spec. version, and also features the much more elegant chrome bumpers (the US spec. version has longer, primarily black rubber bumpers).  It comes in a very handsome color combination, and can be bought for a very reasonable price.  This is not one of those 6.9s that is selling for collector-money.  I am willing to let it go for a very reasonable amount for a car of this caliber and condition and I just want it to have a good home.


The car is located in Dallas, Texas and is available for inspection by appointment.  If you have any further questions, feel free to email me (my email address is and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you would prefer to speak directly with me, my office phone number is 214-521-7547.  If I am not at the office, please leave your name and number and I will return your call.

Price: SOLD

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